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  • Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth Body of Knowledge (VB-4)

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    Body of Knowledge: SKU – VB4

    This manual has been in print since 1995 and have evolved into the best reference manual in publication today. This manual is over~ 650 pages and is spiral bound and has laminated covers. The manuals are printed in black and white.   It was developed to assist Mopar vehicle restorers, event judges, collectors and enthusiasts to understand the finer points of a vehicle build from a production plant perspective. This manual provides much more in-depth detail of what is covered in the Field Guide.  This is a must for any true Chrysler, Dodge or Plymouth enthusiast.  The following are a reference of what is included among other items.

    • IBM cards
    • Production codes
    • Production trim tags
    • Miscellaneous labels
    • Monroney label
    • VIN tags
    • Manufacturer VIN label
    • VIN/ SO stamps on vehicle and their location
    • Engine casting, VIN, build and stamps from 1925-2015
    • Transmissions casting, VIN, build stamps 
    • Axle casting build and date stamps   
    • Part date codes
    • Broadcast sheets
    • 10,000 day build calendar
    • Other production documentation information

     Reference Manual Work in Progress Note:

    These guides contain photographs, illustrations and detail descriptions that are useful in judging, restoration or just having a good general knowledge of Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler vehicles. This manual all complement each other for the applicable vehicle.

    Due to the variations that continue to be discovered the reference guide will always be considered a "work in progress". These manuals will be updated as additional information is discovered. Our intention is to continue to update each version until the contributors, OE judges and users of the manual agree that the information is as accurate as possible.