Proudly serving you since 1952.

How We Got Started

Our family has specialized in all aspects of Chrysler, DeSOTO, Dodge and Plymouth cars since the early 1950’s out of our base operation in Detroit, Michigan, the “Home of the Motor City”.  

             We offer services ranging from appraisals, authenticating, quality inspector, validation, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness, restoration consulting and local and national show judging.  MMC Detroit also has developed and published many world class restoration reference manuals that help serve and support the Mopar enthusiast.  These manuals are highly detailed, and provide an unprecedented level of information unlike any other manuals in the collector car hobby.   

            We pride ourselves at keeping informed with all facets of the Mopar automobile hobby relating to muscle/collector cars in order to stay current with the pulse of the hobby and pass valuable information onto our customers.

            Mission Statement:

            To continuously strive to enhance and advance the Mopar Automobile collector hobby.

            Our Quality Policy:

            To provide products and services that meet or exceed your expectations at a fair price.


            Our Goal:
            To be a trusted resource for reliable information, products, and services.


            Our Objective:
            To share the information and knowledge acquired since 1952.

            We have established a web site ( that has been developed to be the best source to obtain information relating to all aspects of Mopar automobile hobby from restoration services, parts dealers, car registries etc…  

            Please feel free to contact us for your needs at