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  • Dodge and Plymouth Truck and SUV Manual (DPTX Vol 4)

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    Dodge and Plymouth Truck and SUV Reference Manual

    General Identification, Assembly and Fastener Reference (1972-82)

    SKU: DPTX Vol 4

    This is the first of its kind comprehensive technical reference manual related to Dodge and Plymouth Trucks and SUV’s.  The core concentration of the material is between the production years 1972-82. However, there is VIN, SN information covering trucks from the 1920’s to 1990’s. This is not you run of the mill coffee table book.

    This reference manual will assist the restorer, journeyman, enthusiast, hobbyist, event judges, restorer, car clubs and collector understand the finer points of Trucks and SUV’s.   The contents of this manual covers, VIN tags, serial numbers, trim tags, powertrain identification, fasteners, factory documentation, technical illustrations, broadcast sheets, confidential frame stamps etc.  This guide will help you sell, buy, judge or restore your vehicle with confidence. 

    This manual is spiral bound with laminated covers. It consists of over 450 pages with a combination of color and black and white images printed on heavy weight paper.

    ·       General Truck and SUV Overview

    ·       Essential restoration information

    ·       VIN tag, trim tags, Sales codes

    ·       Confidential VIN stamps

    ·       Engine assembly fasteners

    ·       Engine dress fasteners

    ·       Transmission fasteners

    ·       Interior exterior fasteners, labels and emblems

    ·       Engine Compartment parts and fasteners

    ·       General Fastener Information

    ·       Sales Codes


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